Active travel – healthy lives

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Lavin, T.
Metcalfe, O.
Higgins, C.
Institute of Public Health in Ireland
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Institute of Public Health in Ireland
Active travel refers to journeys that use physical activity, such as walking and cycling, instead of motorised means to move between locations.These journeys are generally understood as travel for purposes such as going to work, the shops or visiting friends as opposed to recreational walking or cycling. Across Ireland, there is considerable scope to replace many short car journeys with walking and cycling which would bring about a range of benefits to health as well as saving money for individuals and society. ‘Active travel, healthy lives’ presents a summary of international evidence on the health and economic benefits of active travel and makes recommendations on how active travel can become a viable, safe and attractive alternative to car use.
Active travel, Cycling, Physical activity, Transport, Walking
Lavin, T., Metcalfe, O. and Higgins, C., (2011). Active travel – healthy lives. Institute of Public Health in Ireland