Widening inequalities in smoking rates in the Republic of Ireland?

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Kabir, K.
McAvoy, H.
Reulbach, U.
Wilde, J.
Clancy, L.
Institute of Public Health in Ireland
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European Respiratory Journal
To assess patterns in adult smoking rates in Ireland across two main socio-economic indicators: level of education and social class (SC), using national cross-sectional survey data from 1998 and 2007.
Complete smoking-related information on adults (≥18 years) for 1998 [n=6,293] and 2007 [n=10,251] were analysed. Age-standardized smoking rates for each of the two main indicators were computed overall and by sex using 2002 Census as the standard population. Relative index of inequality (RII) in age-standardized smoking rates was computed (comparing the lowest with the highest socio-economic groups) for each calendar year based on relative ranking (0=highest; 1=lowest) and then regressing the cumulative percentile distribution of the sub-classes within each year. 95% confidence intervals (CI) for RII were generated.
Smoking, Education, Inequalities
Kabir, K., McAvoy, H.,Reulbach, U., Wilde, J., Clancy, L."Widening inequalities in smoking rates in the Republic of Ireland?", European Respiratory Journal, 2011 38: p156