NI Draft Priorities and Budget Consultation 2006-2008 – Institute response

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Institute of Public Health in Ireland
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Institute of Public Health in Ireland
The Institute of Public Health in Ireland works to combat health inequalities and influence public policies in favour of health in Ireland, North and South. The Institute applies a holistic model of health which emphasises a wide range of determinants, including economic, educational, environmental, social and biological factors, as well as public services. The Institute’s work is based on the premise that improving health and reducing health inequalities in a sustainable way can only be achieved through addressing these broader determinants of health. We believe that the strategic direction of public spending in Northern Ireland has enormous potential to impact on people’s health, well being and prosperity. We welcome the opportunity to comment on the draft priorities and the associated budget for 2006-2008 as set out in the consultation document.
Budget, Environment, Health determinants, Health inequalities, Policy, Public services, Social factors
Institute of Public Health in Ireland. (2005). Consultation 2006-2008 – Institute response. Institute of Public Health in Ireland