Health and Education Sources of Information

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Institute of Public Health in Ireland
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Institute of Public Health in Ireland
This review is the fourth in a series and illustrates how education impacts on health. It shows how education influences health through a range of interconnecting pathways and identifies the ways in which social, economic and cultural differences within the population impact on the experience of and outcomes from education with subsequent implications for health. This document is aimed at a wide audience, including policy-makers and practitioners in health and education and those working in the community. It will help inform debate about the links between education and health and be a useful resource for those working to influence public policy for health at local and national level across the island. The review has an extensive reference list. To supplement the health impacts of education review a ‘sources of information’ list has been developed which highlights a number of organisations whose work considers issues relevant to the relationship between health and education.
Health, Education
Institute of Public Health in Ireland. 2008. Health and Education Sources of Information. Institute of Public Health in Ireland