Sunburn, Sun Safety and Indoor Tanning Among Schoolchildren in Ireland

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András, K.
Rodriguez, L.
McAvoy, H.
NicGabhainn, S.
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International Journal of Public Health
Objectives: We present patterns of sunburn, sun safety behaviors and indoor tanning bed use in a nationally representative sample of schoolchildren aged 10–17. These behaviors were explored across gender, age, and social class groups. Methods: Within the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Ireland study, 10,271 young people (aged 13.54 ± 1.92, percentage girls 53.3%) reported frequency of sun safety behaviors, sunburn, and frequency and circumstances of indoor tanning bed use. Results: Children frequently experienced sunburn (90% lifetime, 74% last year), and 3% reported never using any sun protection. Applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses were the most commonly used sun safety measures; other ways of sun protection were less popular. Indoor tanning bed use was reported by around 5%, and a large proportion of users were not advised of any indoor tanning safety measures. Sun safety behaviors varied by age and gender, with some socio-economic differences in tanning bed use. An association was found between frequency of family holidays abroad and sunburn. Conclusion: Targeted interventions are needed to increase sun safety behaviors and eliminate tanning bed use among children in Ireland.
Sunburn, Sun safety, Tanning
Költő A, Rodriguez L, McAvoy H, Nic Gabhainn S. Sunburn, Sun Safety and Indoor Tanning Among Schoolchildren in Ireland. Int J Public Health. 2021 May 20;66:1604045. doi: 10.3389/ijph.2021.1604045. PMID: 34335148; PMCID: PMC8284860.