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    Housing and Health – Why tackling cold homes is a public health issue
    (Institute of Public Health in Ireland, 2022-02-28) Sheehan, A. ; Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    High energy bills this winter have focused attention on the difficulties of heating homes adequately. But for many older people the challenges of keeping warm go beyond the immediate worry of staying comfortably warm or paying the next heating bill – cold homes can pose a grave threat to health. The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) calculates that excess winter mortality accounts for almost 1,000 deaths in NI each year[1]. While COVID-19 complicates the more recent picture, data going back over the last 20 years shows that respiratory disease, circulatory disease, and dementia are the main causes of these excess winter deaths in Northern Ireland. Central Statistics Office (CSO) data for Ireland also show higher mortality in winter months, usually peaking in January[2]. A HSE / Energy Action Ireland study indicated that there were over 8,500 excess winter deaths from all causes in the six-year period from 2007-2012 and that dementia deaths in Ireland in winter were 26% higher than in summer.[3]
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    Opening Statement – Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill 2019
    (Institute of Public Health in Ireland, 2022-02-25) Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    The Institute of Public Health (IPH) is today appearing before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health to give evidence on the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill 2019. IPH Director of Policy Dr Helen McAvoy joined Professor Des Cox from the Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI) Tobacco Policy Group to give evidence on this proposed legislation. IPH and RCPI previously submitted joint written positions on this legislation in January 2020 and in June 2021. Today IPH has welcomed this proposed legislation on tobacco and nicotine inhaling products as ‘proportionate’, based on sound principles and evidence, and complementary to the existing suite of tobacco control legislation and Tobacco Free Ireland policy. In an opening statement to the Joint Committee on Health, the Institute said the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill 2019 will make both tobacco and e-cigarettes less accessible to children and enhance government oversight on the supply of these products.
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    Opening Statement - Pre-legislative scrutiny of the General Scheme of the Gambling Regulation Bill
    (Institute of Public Health in Ireland, 2022-03-16) McAvoy, H. ; Reynolds C.M.E. ; Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    The Institute of Public Health (IPH) is today attending the Joint Committee on Justice to provide some observations on the General Scheme of the Gambling Regulation Bill. The Joint Committee on Justice is meeting at 3pm on Tuesday, 22 March to resume public hearings on submissions from representatives from organisations in relation to the Committee’s pre-legislative scrutiny of this proposed legislation – the meeting can be viewed live on Oireachtas TV. IPH Director of Policy Dr Helen McAvoy and IPH Public Health Development officer Dr Ciara Reynolds will make an opening statement as part of their evidence to the committee – to read IPH’s opening statement download it here or read below.
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    Monitoring alcohol strategy - learning from the Scottish experience
    (Institute of Public Health in Ireland, 2020-03) Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    In May 2019, the North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group (NSAPAG) convened a knowledge exchange forum in Belfast. This day-long event brought together academics, policy makers, clinicians, and the community and voluntary sector from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England to consider effective policy measures to tackle the harms caused by alcohol. I would like to thank the participants and particularly our guest speakers. Their willingness to share their valuable expertise and experience contributed to this highly relevant forum. The forum aimed to share knowledge on approaches to monitoring strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It also facilitated an opportunity to gather insights from the roll-out of the new monitoring system in Scotland, and to explore the potential for partnership working to reduce alcohol-related harms. The discussions held about the challenges and opportunities faced by governments in monitoring the impact of strategies are of interest to anyone involved in alcohol policy or public health; particularly to colleagues working towards the Healthy Ireland and Making Life Better frameworks. This resource has been produced as a follow-up to the exchange. It presents an overview of the key takeaways, along with a summary of each speaker’s presentation. You can also view the presentations on our website. I hope you find these resources useful to inform your work.
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    Proceedings of the Public Health Policy Consultation June 2011
    (Department of Health, 2011-06-11) Department of Health ; Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    This report summarises responses to a consultation process on a public health policy framework with invited delegates across a spectrum of stakeholders at five different locations. These were: a national consultative launch in Dublin, and in four HSE regions; Cork HSE South, HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster, Galway HSE West and HSE Dublin North East (see Annexe 1 for information on attendees). This report also includes a short summary of presentations at the Dublin national event held on 13th June 2011.